Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Otro Dia En Mi Vida

This is Natly Herreo. She was baptized last week. To the right you see my

boy Elder Warner and on the Left is Elder Serrato.

This is my last interviews with Pres. Walker and Sis. Walker
We have such a studdly Zone. We are also
The most SASSY!!!!

Starting from the left:

Elder LaRose, Elder Logan, Elder Peterson, Elder Serrato, Natly, Elder Warner,

Elder Dove, Me, and Elder Adams. We are definitely the most

handsome Elder's in the mission.

Okay this is just ridiculous. I mean come on really you expect me to

knock trailers in this type of weather? I kid you not this

is what i am dealing with.

Hopefully you all enjoy these photos. I will try to them once a week or as

much as possible. I am going to try and load a video as well.

Thanks to everyone for there support.

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